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Woven and Tufted Carpets

The Most Popular carpet types that are sold in the UK are Woven and Tufted.

Information about Tufted carpet.

The first stage of making tufted carpet is to punch the pile of yarn into the pre-fabricated backing. This is done by using needles and then you apply the secondary backing with some kind of latex.

Tufted carpets is made by punching the pile yarn into a pre-formed woven primary backing fabric using needles and then applying a secondary backing fabric with latex.

What are the advantages of Tufted styled carpet:
This type of carpet is ideal for quick method of manufacture
The Carpets can come in a range of different pile textures and patterns

A break down of Woven carpets

Firstly Woven carpet is the traditional way of weaving carpet. The method consist of weaving the front and back of the carpet simultaneously but is more labour intensive.

Then there is Axminster carpet is predominantly patterned with the option of hundreds of colours potential. It has got extremely good pattern definition.


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